Everyone should be given the proper tools needed to complete their job!

The Accreditation Assistant will minimize time spent on mundane tasks and allow you to leverage your skill sets for administrator level tasks! Request a Demo

Surgical Center Administrators are expected to maintain a very intricate daily workflow using archaic tools..


The Accreditation Assistant

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Streamlines Up-keep

An interactive dashboard gives you a birds eye view of your daily, weekly and monthly

Minimize training needs

Administrators spend too much time training new or existing staff members. Templated log books take care of those needs for you

Minimize the need for outside consulting

Don’t waste time or money hiring consultants, trying to understand the newest requirements from the various accreditation bodies. The Records section takes care of that for you.

Minimize daily disruptions

Our messaging platform allows you to ensure you aren’t missing important information, while at the same time allowing you to address situations on your own schedule