What ASC's say about Accurate Accreditation's platform

Knowing that the surgery center’s accreditation is up to date and meticulously maintained, gives me the confidence in the administrators entrusted with running the facility. This allows me to focus more on quality patient care and practice building rather than managing the administration staff and wondering if the surgery centers I practice for are indeed in full compliance. Accurate Accreditation’s ASC Assistance software is not only a piece of mind for the staff, it’s a piece for mind for the surgeons and owners as well!

Dr. John Santa Ana, D.O.
Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM&R)

The Accreditation Assistant software has been invaluable in maintaining our accreditation compliance requirements. The dashboard provides a quick one-stop overview of our compliance status, due dates, and reminders, which help keep our staff engaged and on track. The staff loves having all of the logs available online in a format that is both easy to view and update. The centralized database has an organizational platform that acts a roadmap to compliance, is easy to navigate, and allows for quick retrieval of documents and information. This product has streamlined our operations in so many ways! Highly recommend!

Rachel Holland, R.N.
Surgery Center Administrator, Fountain View Surgery Center

For me as a CEO, regulatory and accreditation compliance, although an enigma of sorts, constantly weighs on my mind. Never more so than in today’s health care environment of continually increasing compliance regulations and the added overhead that accompanies them. As CEO, I continually seek technological solutions that ensure Michigan Neurology Associates, P.C. (MNA) meets its regulatory requirements, all the while, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and reducing the cost of regulatory compliance. In the past, accomplishing these goals required, either, multiple software products, highly specialized compliance staff or a combination of both technology and staff. ASC Assistant solves the compliance enigma by combining compliance staff expertise and technology into one software that houses, tracks and reports on your compliance requirements. Through ASC Assistant’s dashboard reports, I can assess the status of our compliance at a glance and proactively address potential concerns. Unlike the staff responsible for meeting our compliance requirements, ASC Assistant is objective and reports the precise status of our compliance with regulatory requirements. ASC Assistant is truly a game changer for the accreditation compliance field.

Peter Sinishtaj
CEO, Michigan Neurology Associates, P.C.